April 2019 Webinar

Thursday, April 25th @ 2:00 PM EST -Review an In-force Policy -Estimate Term Renewals -Highlight the Cost of Waiting to Convert -Illustrate a Partial…


March 2019 Webinar

Thursday, March 21st @ 2:00 PM EST - Mortgage Market Heating Up Sell to New Homeowners on Time, not Price - Term Rewrite & Exchange - Start a Creditor L…


February 2019 Webinar

-Onboard With A Shared Needs Analysis -Best ways to present for maximum client engagement -Apply Now Button! (+save inforce policy data & compliance docs) …


January 2019 Webinar

Custom Colour Pallet & Why Branding Is Important

How To Create and Join Groups

Layer Plans to Help Your Clients Get The Right Protectio…


December 2018 Webinar

Live Q&A—We'll Tackle Your Life Insurance Case Questions!

Hosted by Charlie Conron (LDA CTO) And Nikolas Fergusson (LDA Case Support Expert)


November 2018 Webinar

All About Shared Links:

Onboard With A Shared Needs Analysis

Create A Report And Share It

Create A Portfolio Link To Let Your Clie…


October 2018 Webinar

Back to Bascis:

How To Sell On Time (Not Price) With Term Insurance

Review An In-force/Existing Policy

Save And Import An In-force…


September 2018 Webinar

How I Made The Sale (Case Studies):

The Stubborn Client

The Procrastinator

The Price Shopper

The Engineer


August 2018 Webinar

Life Design Analysis On The Go:

Make LDA An App

Quick Go-To Recipes

Conduct A Needs Analysis

Share A Case

Tips For…


July 2018 Webinar

Monthly Report Breakdown

Manulife Par Whole Life Case Study

CI/DI/Manual Input

Using Recipies, Layering/Combining Functions


June 2018 Webinar

Make Compliance An Asset, Not A Headache:

A Detailed Look At The Flow Of An Insurance Sale Using LDA


May 2018 Webinar

How To Illustrate Joint Life

Mark A Policy As Sold To Save Renewal Information

Advisor Highlight

All About Account Settings