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Visualize Data

Life Insurance Planning Made Easy

LDA's insurance management software is created for advisors who want to save time and increase sales. Studies show 9/10 people are confused by their insurance options. The majority of those people are visual learners, who would purchase today if they knew what they were buying. LDA searches and compares life insurance policies across all major providers, creating an advisor branded visual presentation that helps clients understand their options and makes their purchase decision easier.

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Dynamic Presentations

Compare Any number of Policy options with Custom Report Components

Make a lasting impression on your clients with our advisor branded, customizable & visual reports. Drastically reduce the time it takes to mine policy data, compare quotes, and create presentations so you can increase your sales. Compare any number of policies, show guarantees, changes in dividends, and produce a tailored report that helps your clients feel confident in your recommendation.

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Client & Policy Management

Enhance Your Clients' Experience

LDA helps you deliver proactive service to your clients, with opportunity notifications for policy updates, needs analyses, and even birthday notifications. With the ability to easily share presentations with your clients, you'll also have access to engagement stats so you can see where they are spending the most time and address those areas. Our software gives you access to all the information you need to quote, compare, and present the best insurance options to your client.

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In-force Policy Automation

Automate Sales Ready Presentations Proven to Convert

Life Design Analysis has powerful enterprise-level technology built for life insurance carriers and MGA's that will batch sales ready presentations on opportunities you define, across your entire advisor base. Create more value from your in-force block of business and reduce barriers in your distribution chain. We keep the people in your organization up to date on key sales drivers with our powerful analytics dashboard and notifications. 

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Lead Generation

Capture More Digital Leads

LDA LeadGen gives you the ability to capture and nurture digital leads from your website or landing page and convert them into clients. We provide a snippet of code you can easily embed on your website to capture leads, establish needs and produce dynamic reports of their options that have been proven to increase sales. LDA LeadGen is an available add on to any LDA account so start your free trial!

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Data Security

Data Security is Our Top Priority

Security is extremely important to us at Life Design Analysis. We use the latest technology and encryption to make sure any data that you send to us stays with us. Life Design Analysis hosts our client data in Canada in compliance with PIPEDA, and comply to SOC 2 data security standards in accordance with our SOC 2 certification. We host with Amazon Web Services, one of Canada's premier data centers.

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Other Features & Benefits

Search, Analyze & Compare

LDA lets you mine policies, so you can search, analyze, and create custom presentations of the life insurance options available. Help your client make an informed decision, while making your life as an advisor simpler and more successful.

Easily Access & Share

With access to Life Design Analysis from any connected device, you can work on your phone, tablet, or desktop. You can also easily share presentations with your clients and gather engagement stats, including views, time on page, and more.

Secure Storage

At Life Design Analysis, we don't take any shortcuts with your personal and client information. We follow strict encryption standards to ensure that anything you share with us, stays with us. Life Design Analysis is proudly hosted in Canada.

See the power of Life Design Analysis

From time to time in our careers, there is something that changes everything.

Larry Kinlin knows everything about the value of life insurance and the sales process. A leader in our industry, he knows that we must help the consumer to make choice more simple and decision making easy.

When he introduced our Firm to the benefits of Life Design Analysis, we knew that our clients would be able to understand more, decide faster and be better satisfied with our services.

Wisdom with a click. That always changes everything.

Ted Wernham

Wernham Wealth Management Inc.

I started using the LDA a couple of months ago and it’s now a standard part of an insurance conversation.

I’ve had success showing the differences in term and critical illness and it not only looks professional, it has helped with sales.

It’s easy to use, intuitive, and produces a powerful visual that’s backed up with the numbers.

Adam Beach

The Pelican Group

I love your system. One of the first times I used it, I secured a sale of WL. Nice premium on that. Paid for your software.

Micheal (Mike) E. Maclean


‎As former director of the IDC WIN Institute, I have tested many advisor marketing systems, but I must say that LDA is the most intuitive software I have ever worked with. I managed to navigate easily and build sample cases and comparisons watching only about 5 minutes of instructional video and having to ask a question only once.
The targeted support emails are amazing too. The system seems to track the functions performed and knows which features the user still has yet to learn. Many industry software platforms offer this level ease but few deliver.

Eric Wachtel, Chief Compliance Officer


I wish on day one, someone from the industry had held a gun to my head and told me to not leave the room till I committed to use LDA. Had this been the case, I would have come roaring out of the gates and gathered insurance premiums at a much quicker pace. Chicken scratch drawings, napkins and shanty graphs are a thing of the past. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, I'd say an LDA presentation speaks even more. Insurance now makes sense to folks that don't want to spend weeks studying it.

I've assembled more WL in these last 7 weeks than 15 years combined. From this point on, all the families and entrepreneurs we work with, get up from the table knowing more about how their insurance works than all their friends. Pray we don't run into your clients if you aren't using this tool, as you won't stand a chance.

Ryan King

Comple Retirement Solutions Inc.

Before Life Design Analysis, I used to waste time in illustrations, concepts comparisons from multiple companies and ultimately non-productive meetings. With Life Design Analysis I can do all that and show the client the value of one proposal over another. Clients love the ease of use, user interface and especially the ability to make a well-informed decision without second-guessing.

Thank you Life Design Analysis for a great solution.

Gleb Troubetskoi PI.Fin.


Life Design Analysis has changed the way I present life insurance solutions to my clients. My clients embrace this software. Life Design Analysis shows clients ALL options and alleviates multiple appointments. My premium/case has increased dramatically. Life Design Analysis is simple, clean and easy to use.

Paul Barron

Life Insurance and Disability Insurance Broker

Since we are primarily an investment office, many times I find it difficult explaining different insurance options and their benefits to my clients. Life Design Analysis made it so much easier for me and sales have increased! It has saved me a lot of time - from the original quote and the ability to show multiple companies, to comparing different insurance types. The clients are also happy to be a part of the process and even more happy that they find it easy to understand as well!

Jeff Keller

WK Financial Planning Ltd.

LDA has been part of my insurance process for the last year. It's been a great way to show my clients I'm going through the proper due-diligence process to provide the best recommendation for their insurance needs. LDA is user-friendly, and the visualized reports make a big difference with clients. I highly recommend Life Design Analysis.

Erin Meisner PFA,CHS

Associate Director, Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network / President of Advocis Ottawa

"Incredible Software!

I'm blown away by the difference it's made in the client/advisor experience.

The combination of the analytics and visual data have been such a powerful communication tool for illustrating concepts and strategies.

...Truly a game changer"

Edmund Inniss

Inniss Assurance & Associates Inc.

Our goal has always been to help our clients find the right insurance strategy for their needs. Life Design’s simplicity allows us to create life insurance comparisons, that were once tedious and time-consuming, in a matter of seconds. The interactive reports allow us communicate strategies visually and make modifications during a meeting, so the clients have a much better comfort level and understanding. Life Design has quickly become an invaluable tool in our day to day business.

Chad Tranter

Franklin Tranter & Associates

As an MGA we immediately saw the benefits of Life Design Analysis to help our advisors better communicate product choices to their clients. The simple to understand visuals and professional looking report has been a huge success with our advisor group and I would recommend it to any MGA looking to add value to their organization.

Ron Madzia

IDC Worldsource Insurance Network

There are two things I really value in a business. Quality and customer service. With Life Design Analysis I got both of these. The team at LDA has been helpful at all points of the onboarding; from importing my client list to showing me features that will give me a leg up on my competition. What would take hours to quote, only takes minutes. If you are not using Life Design Analysis you are already falling behind. I was worried about learning another software platform, but this was probably the easiest software switch I have ever made. The product is intuitive, easy to use, and very customizable to your branding and corporate image. Just try it, you’ll see what I mean.

Ryan Gaunce

Co-Founder of

I thought I would send a quick note to you letting you know that Life Design Analysis (LDA) is incredible. For years I have used an Excel spreadsheet that I designed to compare one insurance plan to another to illustrate the options for a client. The problem was that it was strictly a bunch of numbers and verbiage. Despite its shortcomings it sufficed as there was not an alternative in the market.

A couple of years ago, I sat in a boardroom and listened to you and Larry rave about how impressive LDA was and how it had made illustrating options to a client a piece of cake. Becoming a skeptic over the years of hearing similar professions of grandeur, I did not jump at the opportunity. As time passed, however, I started to realize that it may be something I could integrate into my practice. So, I signed up on the bare bones platform.

I did one example case, saw the output and liked what I saw. So, I moved to the Cadillac version of the plan and thought I would test it out with a cantankerous client who was a stickler about details. I was able to illustrate with numbers and pictures what I thought his options were and I was prepared to walk through all the ‘stuff’ with him as I always have. To my surprise, the only question was “Do I have to get a medical again to do this?”

I have now incorporated LDA into my comprehensive written financial plan that I use with all of my clients and the ease of understanding that it has given my clients is unparalleled.

Beyond being a phenomenal tool to have at my disposal, the service that you and your staff have provided to me is first class. You respond to inquiries often before I am finished completing a case with your online help and the responses are easy to follow and often come with a link to a demo online. Finally, the subscription fee is easy to swallow and anyone who is in the insurance world, even occasionally, should be using your program.

Brian Shumak

Brian Shumak Financial Services

Life Design Analysis resulted in significant returns (in December alone) from its automated in-force conversion opportunities/reports, which is not bad for a part-time advisor and Full-Time compliance manager, so I can say I am a raving fan!

Ian M MacLean

Customplan Financial Advisors Inc

“As the National Director of Advanced Planning at Carte Risk Management, my role is to assist our advisors on larger, more complicated cases. LDA does an excellent job of comparing multiple carriers, plans and premiums in one simplified, easy to explain format. All of my cases are presented using LDA and they CLOSE! Can’t imagine ever going back to individual illustrations.”

Jorge Ramos, CFP, TEP, CLU

National Director of Advanced Planning, Carte Wealth Management Inc.

I am writing this note to express my deepest appreciation to the great work you have done with the Life Design Analysis program. We have been using the software for a while now, it is amazingly simple and professional. In our profession we value time a great deal and your program is definitely a time saving tool. Congratulations on a job well done !

Anwar Rabah

President and C.E.O Magnum Wealth Partners

I purchased Life Design Analysis in early March of 2015 as I truly felt this application would have a direct impact on the size of the sale but also the quality of the sale. The very first time I used LDA we went from a 10 year term (annual premium of $592) to a Whole Life 10 pay with the annual premium just over $10,000. There are so many features to this system but for us the best feature is being able to compare different plans from different companies all on the same page.

Adam Lewis

The MultiCare Group

I saw my premium income triple in the two years using Life Design Analysis so I decided to bring the system to the advisor market so all insurance professionals could benefit.

Larry Kinlin

Larry Kinlin & Associates Inc.

OMG where has this tool been for my entire career?!?! The first client I showed my LDA report to said "I totally see what you mean, that makes total sense." And that is the power of LDA. One single picture is worth 1,000 spreadsheets. 100% of my insurance analysis is now done on LDA and the time it takes me to develop a case has reduced by 80%. If you advise clients on insurance, this tool is a must.

Scott Plaskett

IRONSHIELD Financial Planning

Life Design Analysis has been a part of my insurance practice for over 3-years. LDA really helps me provide an objective analysis of choices for my clients. This helps me avoid placing business merely based on loyalty to a provider and ensures that I'm taking my clients’ best interests into account. I would recommend LDA as it truly helps simplify and streamline insurance presentations

Tina Tehranchian MA, CFP®, CLU®, CHFC®, MFA-P™ (Philanthropy)

Senior Wealth Advisor, Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Professional client presentations in minutes, no matter where you are? Yes, I have been showing Life Design Analysis to advisors for 6 months now, even using it myself. It's easy to use and creates lively and impactful client presentations, anywhere, anytime, on any device! The ability to import data to create advanced presentations takes only minutes – and I am the least tech-savvy person I know! If I do hit a snag, LDA has quick and helpful customer support online or by phone. Life Design Analysis is a must for a any professional insurance producer.

David Cooke

David Cooke Wealth Counsellors Inc.

I've been selling Whole Life for more than 10 years. Life Design Analysis has been a great tool to enhance my client presentations and the easy to understand visuals have definitely shortened the sales process. The results have been evident in production!

Jamie Robb

Fiducia Wealth Management

I just wanted to let you know that because of LDA, I was able to show my clients the value in permanent insurance over term, use it as an investment rather than for protection and leave a better legacy for their kids, thank you!

Kenneth Coombs CFP

Selectpath Benefits and Financial Inc.

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