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PPI & LDA Announce Release of Amplifi

PPI AmpLiFi, powered by Life Design Analysis, helps advisors maximize the opportunities in their existing business, and identify new leads

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Inflation's Impact on Life Insurance

Inflation is top of mind for consumers and advisors thanks to an 18 year high. Learn how this impacts life insurance policies, and how can you incorporate th…

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L'inflation est au cœur des préoccupations des consommateurs et des conseillers, car elle a atteint son plus haut niveau depuis 18 ans. Découvrez l'impact de…

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Are you a FIG?

I was travelling for work in Phoenix meeting with advisors to determine if LDA had a market fit in the USA (it does). After my demo, I asked the advisor what…

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Top 10 Sales Movies if you're Feeling that Summer Slump

Feeling that summer sales slump, get motivated by watching these all-time great sales movies and check out our tips at the end to break out of your slump.

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Insurance Is Sold Not Bought

I was introduced into the insurance industry by my stepfather, a 50-year insurance industry figure, a guy who was brought up in the Ben Feldman days. One of …

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Every Day Is Black Friday
For Life Insurance

Every Day is Black Friday with Life Insurance, Don't forget to remind your clients around this time of year and show them how much money they are leaving on …


Data Visibility Plagues Insurance Industry

Renewal information is already a big problem in our industry. The fundamental issue is access to information. Financial advisors have a sworn duty (fiduciary…


New Wave Of Tech Making Old School Sales Obsolete

The status quo is changing, advisors everywhere are being force-fed discussions of "disruption". Does disruption mean advisors have to fight back? evolve? D…

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Life Insurance for Your Favourite Superhero

Superheros are pretty amazing but even they have their vulnerabilities. Find out what type of insurance your favourite superhero would buy!


October Is Cyber Security Awareness Month

Studies show there is a growing focus for cybercriminals to target medium-sized businesses in this field. Are you protected?

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