How Important Is Presentation?

How Important Is Presentation

We are told "don't judge a book by its cover" an idiom meaning we shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone. This begs the question...

Does Presentation Matter?

The short answer is actually a resounding YES!

So why is presentation so important if we are supposed to judge something primarily by its substance? Well despite being conditioned not to judge a book by its cover we actually can't help it, we're visual by nature. Almost 1/3 of our brain is hardwired to respond to visuals.

Now don't get me wrong I am not staying that the substance is not important but often it's the presentation that gets us to explore the content in the first place. In fact a study by Green, R. (1989). The Persuasive Properties of Color, Marketing Communications found that "Colour visuals increase the willingness to read by 80%"

Think about that, an 80% increase in the willingness to read just by adding colour. Seems like a really big number but if you think about it there are not many products that are marketed in just black and white (aside from life insurance ledgers). So yes that is a big increase but almost every other industry has already taken advantage of this concept. This represents a huge opportunity for advisors to leverage colour to help communicate a message and keep our clients willing to read our proposal. This is a particularly important concept as we know we need to educate our clients but life insurance is often perceived as being stale and hard to understand. LDA uses colour in all of our reports from your custom branding and logo to the colours our presentations use to highlight the urgency of a term conversion.

Presentation Matters Online

I'm sure anyone who has done some online shopping has backed out of a transaction because of an unattractive website, the rationale is if they are sloppy and unprofessional with their web design that is an indication of how they might treat your credit card information as well.

This is true for advisors a well, you might think I'm not a web company and do most of my business in person and via referrals, however, your image online and your presentation leave a lasting impression on your prospects and today if your material is not professional and polished it give that impression about your business.

Presentation Matters With Food

In a study done by Debra Zellner she experimented with food, inviting diners from all different demographics. She served the exact same meal in two rooms, one was beautifully plated the other was just average. The diners were asked to rate the meal afterward and consistently rated the better-presented meal as tastier.


Presentation Matters with Drinks

A study by Frédéric Brochet, then a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Bordeaux II found when he dyed white wine red and gave it to enology (wine science) students. The expert panel primarily rated and described it as a red. Why because they made the conclusion based on the visual cues that are processed much faster by the brain.

Presentation Matters With Insurance

So when it comes to insurance or any business for that matter your presentation of your product is critical. The substance of your presentation is table stakes however the way you present and market the information to your clients is critical to how they will perceive the information and their willingness to absorb it, which is essential to them making a purchase decision.


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