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7 Ways To Present Insurance Solutions

7 Ways To Present Insurance Solutions

Communication is paramount in any kind of sale. However, when we are dealing with someone's long-term financial well being, it's particularly important to communicate effectively to build trust and make sure all expectations are on the same page.

If we want to communicate a client's insurance options to them effectively, we're going to need a presentation that summarizes all their options in a clear and concise way because about 88% of people report they are confused with their insurance options!

Don't be too hard on yourself. The industry makes it hard with confusing illustrations and jargon. To get clients engaged and informed of their options, we use client-friendly visuals that help them see the best product for their needs.

Life Design Analysis Turns Complicated Illustrations Into Simple Visuals.

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We also know that in addition to great subject matter, we also need to keep our clients and prospects engaged enough to actually retain that information so they will be compelled to take action. If you are familiar with Life Design Analysis, you know that this is our specialty. It's why 98% of our subscribers report increased communication with their clients, leading to greater sales.

Engage Your Client With These Insurance Presentation Ideas

Having a simple and engaging presentation is only half the battle. We also need to deliver that presentation to the client. In this article, I will share some of the best strategies our clients are using to deliver our beautiful and dynamic insurance presentations

  1. Printed PDF

  2. Creating a PDF of a Life Design Analysis report is the classic way to present with LDA. A PDF has a few benefits. It can be used online, offline, sent by email or used for very professional leave-behind material that your clients can review on their own time.

    Think about adding extra prestige for an HNW client by binding the printed PDF. Clients appreciate the effort you put into looking after their needs and the special attention you are giving them. (Binding machines have become very affordable  these days and will save you a trip to Kinkos if you find yourself wanting to spice up your reports more often.)

  3. Boardroom

  4. If you are the type of advisor who invites clients to your office or maybe you visit your client's office presenting an LDA report, these are more great ways to showcase insurance options.

    Think about bringing your laptop and hooking it up to the boardroom TV or projector. You could even distribute the printed PDF to individuals attending the meeting (like their accountant or financial planner).

    This lets you present in an engaging way, squash objections and answer questions. If opting to go this route and doing a presentation off-site, think about having a laptop with HDMI and VGA capability (and your own backup cables). You could also load the interactive LDA case in advance just in case WIFI is an issue. Having the PDF saved locally is never a bad idea if there is a technical issue on the client's end.

  5. Tablet

  6. A tablet is a fantastic method to present your insurance solution and can completely transform the way you interact with your clients and handle objections or shed light on product features. LDA is a responsive mobile platform (in simple terms that means we work on any device) we let you compare and model different insurance solutions which makes it easy for your clients to see value and make an informed decision.

    Think about using the interactive charts to contrast changes in dividend scales or investment performance. Many advisors are ebmedding a link to an E-app to make the transition to purchase that much easier.

  7. Shared Case

  8. A shared case is a feature unique to Life Design Analysis. It's a link that allows you to connect your clients to any report you create. This is a great alternative to the PDF in regards to "leave behind material." Most clients will want to think it over before giving you the green light.

    The two biggest advantages of a shared link are that your clients will be able to interact with the charts and products you selected for the report. (They are also not able to change products, but it gives them the digital experience they crave.)

    The other huge advantage is that you, the advisor, is notified when a client has viewed the report, what time it was viewed and what pages were most engaging. This gives you the opportunity to follow up at the perfect time. It's also great for compliance as you have documented when and how long the report was viewed. You can even include certain disclaimers.

    There are many ways to distribute a shared link such as via email, text or even social media. All your clients have to do is click the link. If they have questions, there are easy ways to connect with you from the contact info in your account settings

  9. Screen Share

  10. Let's face it. Life is busy and we don't always have time to run across town to meet clients (particularly for a small term premium). Often it's our clients who are too busy to connect. Maybe you service a remote geographic region (or a congested one). Don't let any of that get in the way of protecting your client's liabilities.

    Think about setting up a screen share meeting with your clients, create your LDA report, share your screen and conference with your clients. You can be the driver while your client gets to sit passenger as you walk through their options in an interactive way from wherever you both are in the world.

    You might even try linking to an E-app in the product description area to transition to an application if your client indicates they want to buy. You have an easy way to transition. Many products today can be sold and delivered entirely non face to face. We use UBER Conference for our one-on-one training sessions at LDA. However, any screen share platform should work to connect you with your clients and share an LDA report.

  11. Wholesalers Comparing Product

  12. If you are a wholesaler and have to give a lot of product presentations, consider yourself fortunate to have an LDA acccount (if you dont sign up free). With LDA, you can easily compare products to highlight sweet spots or illustrate market advantages.

    Think of linking to an LDA shared case link in your PowerPoint presentation so you can easily jump to a particular concept and highlight your market position vs. the competition. Use the interactive charts and overlays to show multiple scenarios like guaranteed, reduced or total values. Engage the audience to set your presentation apart!

  13. Social Media

  14. Social media is a great way to market yourself and the products and solutions you sell. Social selling can be tricky but should be part of every advisor's practice. You should be carful on social media that you are not always product focused. Mix in some nurture content as well as articles that might be resourceful for your clients' demographic.

    Think about sharing a strategy or case study that includes a CTA (call to action) to click on an LDA shared link. For example, this is a Cascading Insurance Strategy Concept . Start with some text describing the application or include a story on how it has helped a client and link to some real data around cost and value using an LDA shared case. Remember when you are sharing with a diverse audience (like on social media), try and make the case study reasonably, generic or high level so it appeals to more people.

    Be sure to select the options in LDA to collect user information before they view the report, that way you generate leads of people in your audience who are interested in that particular concept. Gated Insurance Capture

    Check out the video we made on social selling for more ideas!


In conclusion, there are a number of ways to use Life Design Analysis to engage your prospects and existing clients. Which one is right for you all depends on your own preference. However, if you are looking for assistance with any of these new ideas, don't hesitate to reach out to us on our live chat or contact us. We are more than happy to help you grow your practice so Sign Up Free Today!