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Best Places to Work 2022

We Are Honoured, Thank you Team!

We are proud to announce that Life Design Analysis has been named one of London’s Best Places to Work 2022! Ahria Consulting surveys employees and ranks London businesses in areas such as leadership, collaborative culture, personal engagement, and employee satisfaction. 

We have been honored with this award in the Small Business category and are excited to continue promoting a positive work environment that appreciates and rewards employee excellence. Each year, the winners are selected from dozens of applicants from varying industries, from retail, finance, technology, real estate, marketing and more. Regardless of industry, all winners share a common mission: to nurture a supportive and positive company culture where our employees play an integral role and are proud and excited to work for us. 

About Us

Life Design Analysis is an innovative life insurance sales enablement platform that helps to create digital engagement at every level of the life insurance distribution ecosystem. We partner with insurance carriers, banks, wealth management firms, MGA’s, AGA’s and independent advisors with the goals to help advisors serve the best interests of their clients.

What Makes Our Business Click?

LDA was built for advisors by advisors but with a mission to help communicate insurance solutions to real people. Our modern modular architecture allows Carriers , MGA's and Advisors to easily augment their legacy processes for a more streamlined customer experience. We have built a world class team that is composed of talented, dedicated, professionals who share the same consumer centric mission to enabling and support life insurance distribution at all levels.

Why Our Organization is a Great Place to Work

At Life Design Analysis, we believe in our core values: trust, respect, and dedication (we also like to have a little fun). We recognize employee excellence by offering opportunities for continuous personal growth, because we are only as strong as each other. Having seen so much growth in our staff through the work-from-home era, we were able to naturally cultivate a flexible and collaborative culture that encourages new and fresh ideas.

Here’s Something We Do a Little Differently

We encourage all members of our team to take ownership of their work, and celebrate all our team's successes. We also value work-life balance and offer flexible working options that allow our team to excel in delivering wherever they feel comfortable to be most productive.

What Our Employees Are Saying: 

“I believe that a workplace is only as good as the people working in it, and I can confidently say that LDA is one of the best places I have worked. The culture that has been built focuses on building up employees and making everyone feel valued and respected. I am excited to have found a company I am proud to work for.” - Matt Gauthier

What Makes Life Design Analysis One of the Best Places to Work? 

While the pandemic presented unique challenges, we maintained our culture and grew our team despite the necessity for distance. When the time came to start returning to meeting in person, we were excited and more driven than ever to deliver an outstanding product to our customers while holding onto the flexible, agile, and collaborative work culture that made LDA what it is. 

Valuing Work-Life Balance 

Everyone on our team has an innate strong work ethic, which has helped us to build the platform that we offer our clients. However, we also recognize the importance of downtime. We strive to both reward hard work and offer flexible working arrangements to allow our team to be the best that they can, both during and outside work hours. We like getting together for drinks and food, while enjoying games like bocce or team golf outings!

Finding creative solutions to old problems

The idea that sparked LDA was finding a solution to an old problem, and that spark still resonates in everything we do. We have fostered an environment that encourages and enables all team members to use their creative thinking to solve solutions. These can be anything from a small change to streamline data or a large proposal for connecting life and P&C industries, just to name a few. We always want our team to think outside the box and help build and shape LDA’s future.

Client Success is Our Priority 

Life Design Analysis’s proven track record speaks for itself. We have built significant partnerships in the insurance industry at all levels of distribution, from the National Carriers and MGA’s, banks, and wealth management firms, down to the independent insurance advisors. All members of our team work tirelessly with clients to ensure that they find success using LDA.

This team endeavor and culture focused mentality has resulted in more than half of our employees having worked with us for at least 3 years. We are lucky to have such loyalty from our team and we thank them for their contributions to our goals.

Our Score 

  • Overall Engagement:   13.73
  • Dedication: 4.75
  • Effort: 4.63
  • Interest: 4.36
  • Net Promoter: 92.31

Here’s a look at what those individual scores really mean: 

Engagement: a positive, fulfilling, work-related state of mind that is characterized by dedication, effort, and interest. Out of five possible points. 

Dedication: how strongly involved in one’s work and experiencing a sense of meaning, enthusiasm, inspiration, pride, and challenge. Out of five possible points. 

Effort: characterized by high levels of energy and mental toughness while working, the willingness to invest effort in one’s work, and determination in the face of difficulties. Out of five possible points. 

Interest: characterized by being focused and happily involved in one’s work, out of five possible points. 

Net Promoter: an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of employees to recommend their organization to others as a great place to work. 

Thank you to London Inc. and to Ahria Consulting for recognizing Life Design Analysis as one of London’s Best Places to Work! We are thrilled to have our positive company culture recognized, and we will strive to continue offering the engaged, supportive atmosphere in order to achieve this milestone again in years to come!