7 Ways To Generate More Insurance Leads (With Free Templates!)

Generate More Life Insurance Leads

With the challenges that working remotely have brought there is an increased importance of generating leads digitally and keeping pipelines full of prospects without traditional face-to-face meetings. We have prepared free templates for you to use, read to the bottom to gain access to those!

The Problem

Generating leads for new business is not confined to the insurance industry, but is something that is seen in all industries. However, the life insurance industry has its own nuances that make it different from other industries, with customer trust and communication being at the heart of successful relationships between agents and clients. In the current digital times we live in there are new problems that we have seen and experienced and we have brought them into three main points

Our Solution

LDA LeadGen gives you the ability to capture and nurture digital leads from your website or landing page and convert them into clients. We provide a snippet of code you can easily embed on your website.

How To Set Up LeadGen

Adding LeadGen

LeadGen requires you to have a Premier subscription in order to add it to your account. If you do not have an account you can Sign up for our 30 day Free Trial risk free.

If you have a Premier subscription with LDA to get access to LeadGen you just need to add it to your Subscription

Add the full domain url, excluding the https://, of your website and put it into the "Allowed Domain" text box. Then generate your token In the My Account area

After you add the URL for your website and generate your token, copy the snippet of code and paste it on your website.

Customize LeadGen

In order to make the embedded LeadGen be more streamlined to your website, you can customize your colours in account settings.

On top of this, you can choose the default set of report components and custom online message your prospective clients will see when they complete the needs analysis, by selecting the components you would like in the account settings

More Ways to Drive Traffic

If you have a prospecting list, or perhaps it's a client list where you were unsuccessful, a marketing list, a drip campaign, etc., there's lots of ways you can drive traffic to your LeadGen page or even build it in as part of your onboarding workflow. This can help even in just getting basic information entered for you like Date of birth, name, smoker status, etc. So let's look at a number of different ideas to help with this.


A lot of times with group benefits, we get into things like executive compensation for the top level executives. One of the ideas we hear from advisors include a supplemental term life insurance program, and this is something I used to do with my stepfather when he worked in insurance.

He would approach the clients with who he had sold group benefits plans where he was pitching executive compensation to the leadership team. In addition, he would also coordinate with H.R. for them to offer supplemental term life.

A lot of insurance advisers know that supplemental term life when bought through your group benefits is quite expensive. They also know that, you know, two years insurance benefit is not often adequate for their clients. This being said, you can partner with these companies that you're selling group benefits to and have them send out the information to their employees on a supplemental term package offer. This would be a great way to actually direct that traffic, of those people who are interested, to your LeadGen page.


The same sort of idea could work in the property casualty business. If you sell car, home, and auto insurance, or maybe you do referrals with a P&C business, you can partner with them.

Every time an opportunity comes up for life insurance, they may not have the capacity to fulfill them. This is when they would again send that lead to you. You could stand up a landing page that when they get a lead, they would visit the page, enter the client information and direct those leads to you.

They would also get that automated quote to help prep the client and do a little bit of the heavy lifting for you. You could work with them to have them even send out an email or on your behalf to say that they have partnered with your life insurance company.


There are lots of different ways we can use our circle of influence and another area you could potentially partner to cross sell would be if you work with mortgage brokers. As they're selling mortgages to a client rather than bank owned credit or insurance, you can even create a landing page with a bit of information that speaks to creditor insurance versus independently owned, as well as a call to action to get your quote or do your review.

This is also something you could partner with real estate agents for if you have a referral program with. This landing page could be where maybe multiple mortgage brokers or real estate agents can actually send their clients when they have insurance needs and have multiple partners sending to one landing page.


These lead opportunities do not have to be external partnerships or cross-sell opportunities. You might also set up email campaigns within your own practice.

Do you send a monthly mailer to all your prospects? You could include a call to action to get a quote at the bottom of the email. You might even have a segmented list where you could send it to all your prospects and past leads, maybe ones you were unsuccessful with, to try and revisit them.


If you're marketing your business on Facebook or LinkedIn, this is also a place that you could use to direct traffic. Add the link to your profile section and when you're posting, you can have a call to action to have clients that direct them to the LeadGen. Messaging could include asking them if they want to explore life insurance options, or performing a needs analysis to see if they have enough coverage. You can also add these kinds of CTA’s (Call to action) in your email signature if it produces more opportunities for you. The idea is to get in front of people and have them start clicking on the link, they will visit the page and ideally generate more leads for you and more traffic to your site.


Companies have made this fairly easy, but you can also pay for traffic to get to that landing page. There's lots of different services out there, Google obviously, is a big player in the ad space. Facebook makes it extremely easy for you to market to a target audience in your area with their business platform. Create a targeted ad with the call to action that links to your retargeting site.

Traffic is one piece of the puzzle, but capturing those leads and sending them down the funnel is the next piece. We talked about scaling your funnel in a blog before, which you can read more about here

Marketing Collateral

Using marketing collateral is a great way to provide a tangible piece of information to your customers for them to go over. This can be shown in the form of a digital mailer, a tri-fold brochure, or a booklet. These can all have the URL and contact information of your life insurance company on them to direct those leads back to your LeadGen site and help provide you with more qualified leads.

All the templates you see below were created by us and can be edited to fit your needs. Read to the end to get access to these templates.


Digital Mailer



The impact of having a digital presence can not be understated, especially in today's remote space. More and more consumers are interested in using websites from advisors in order to educate themselves. Millennials are the most interested in viewing agents' websites. And due to less experience with financial products they also have a high interest in educating themselves through multiple methods. Just having a website is not enough anymore so using multiple methods to communicate to potential customers is imperative.


Building a consistent digital lead funnel does not have to be challenging, however you do want to develop a process that helps you streamline and deliver the information your clients are seeking during their digital shopping experience. Using your circle of influence along with many streams of communication will allow you to build your funnel easily, and effectively. If you would like to learn more about Life Design Analysis or our embedded LeadGen for your practice you can sign up for our 30 day Free Trial or book a training session with Jon or Nik from our support staff.